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F.A.Q. Bad Credit Payday Loans Near Me

Our frequently asked questions and answers explain the most common queries about our website and short-term lending in general. If we haven't cleared out your concerns on this list, please check our Contact Us page and deliver your questions for us to answer them as soon as possible. If your question is about a particular credit offer or loan, you should ask that question directly to your lender.

What is a Short Term Loan?

A short term loan is a financial mechanism that allows clients to obtain some extra money quickly in times of financial issues. As these loans are accessible to customers disregarding their credit scores, they are accessible, avoiding dealing with the typical hassles of a credit check for an amount of funds. The loan process is effortless, fast and more straightforward than the stressful process to get this credit from a bank. Our professional lenders may help you gain as much as $1,000 depending on your status, your financial situation and the availability of the lender.

How to Qualify for a Short Term Loan?

The good thing about short-term loans is how easily you can be eligible for one comparing to other credit forms. We can successfully match most of the people who come to our website with a financial urgency. You must be at least 18 years of age or older, legally employed and living in the United States of America. You must own a personal bank account, earn a minimum monthly income sufficient for the loan and a working telephone number. Some lenders may lend you money even if you do not have a job, as long as you receive a regular monthly profit through SSI or other methods. We recommend reviewing the terms and conditions imposed by each lender's contract as we cannot offer any guarantee.

Is a Short-Term Loan a Good Option?

Short-term loans are an excellent choice for sudden financial emergency cases as a fast solution to get out of the current debt until your next recurring monthly paycheck. All the precautions taken at the time of applying for any loan are applicable when deciding whether or not obtain a short-term loan.
Never ask for a loan unless a real financial emergency arises. If you are experiencing a financial crisis, it's best to consult with a financial advisor before requesting any loan.

What Happens if I Have Multiple Jobs or I'm Self-Employed?

If you have multiple jobs, you must deliver all your information about your primary job and any other extra jobs to your lender. If your lender requests your last paycheck stubs, you should send the paycheck stubs from all your other jobs as well. If you are self-employed, you should demonstrate a significant monthly income to meet the requirements of your lender's loan agreement. You should also show that your business is established with a regular income for at least 90 days or more.

Is a Short-Term Loan Expensive?

Short-term loans possibly attain the same interest value as bank loan or a cash advance from your credit cards. Moreover, you can gain from these loans if used responsibly, and they can even cost less. Interest rates are higher for short term loans because the lenders should take risks by sending money to users without checking their credit level, but as these loans are designed to be repaid soon, the interest rate is small.
It is recommended to repay the loan on time to avoid any unnecessary extra expenses associated with additional repaying times.

How Much Does a Short-Term Loan Costs?

The expected amount to pay is determined by various factors such as your living state, your current financial situation, your lender's conditions, the borrowed amount, and your willingness to repay the loan on time. Some charges may apply for your loan including late fees, finance charges, rollover charges and more. Please read all your agreement before accepting, to know which charges can be applied.

Do I Have to Fax Any Document?

The objective of our lenders is to make the loan approval process as easy as possible, but sometimes you'll have to send additional information for complete verification and reduce the lender's risk. You are required to provide proof of your current bank account status, your legal status in the US, and evidence of employment. If you don't own a fax machine, your local UPS Company or nearest public library can help you send these documents for a modest price.

What if I Have Questions about the Lending Terms?

As stipulated in the Truth in Lending Act, each lender must disclose all terms, conditions, and charges associated with the loan on paper before extending any loan or credit for you. If you have any questions about the requirements and conditions of your lender or if you don't agree to any of the exposed clauses, you should inform the lender who made that offer, and you should not accept any agreement until this concern is clarified. However, it's important to remember that once you have already sent your digital signature, you are contractually obligated to follow the agreement terms. Read all offers carefully and ask the lender for anything that is not entirely understood.

How to Request a Match?

Requiring a pair up with a lender is as simple as filling out our online form for free. Only the essential information to process the loan is requested. Once you have completed this form, we will forward your information throughout our network of professional lenders. After being paired with a lender and obtaining approval, you will receive an e-mail or be redirected to your lender's home page. Please carefully review the offer and agree to the terms and conditions. Finally, sign the contract with your e-sign. The funds will be deposited into your account once you have digitally signed the contract. You will obtain the money the next business day mostly.

How to Repay My Loan?

The repayment process of the loan is established in the terms and conditions of the contract received from your lender. Most of the time your lender will withdraw the original loan amount plus interest and fees on an agreed repayment date. You have to make sure you have the required amount on the agreed date. Otherwise please contact your lender as soon as possible. You can be eligible for alternatives such as rollovers or extensions that can save you money for later.


What if I Have Doubts About My Loan?

If you have any questions about any particular loan, you must discuss your query with your lender as soon as possible. To help and protect your privacy this service has no information or knowledge about your loan agreement. All the contact information of your lender should be in the loan agreement for further contact. You may contact several government agencies if the response you receive from your lender is insufficient, unsatisfactory or even harmful. These organizations will help you resolve any lending issue.

How Many Loans Can I Have at One Time?

Although we do not recommend having more than one loan at a time, some states allow two or even three simultaneous active loans. When you make a loan request, you are asked to share information about any other active loan. Even in states where multiple loans are allowed, there are limits on the total amount of credit that can be granted, which means that you can be denied for obtaining credit. If you have a large payable loan already our lenders are in their right to deny you a loan regardless of state regulations.

What Happen if I Cannot Repay My Loan on Time?

First, you should check your current financial situation carefully before filling out our online loan form, and never ask for a loan if you doubt on repaying it on time. Likewise, our professional lenders understand the possibility of emergencies and are willing to offer you alternatives if necessary. If you can't repay your loan on time, contact your lender as soon as possible. The lender may try debt collection attempts, but they will never attempt to threaten you with illegal actions. Please be careful with loan lengthening as the loan continues to accrue interest over time until it is repaid.

Why was My Request Denied?

There are several reasons for a loan denial. First, it's possible that you didn't attain the minimum requirements to apply for a short-term loan. You will also be denied for a loan if you are in bankruptcy, if you haven't repaid another lender's loan or if you already debt a huge loan with another lender to repay. Please contact the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau if you have felt any kind of discrimination against you.
Can I Obtain a Loan From the Same Lender Again?

You could re-acquire a loan with that same professional if you enjoyed the experience. In fact, it's recommended, and you'll foster the growth of thriving working relationships that lead to higher amounts of money lending with better interest rates and access to other credit-related products. Review the prior loan agreement or any communication you have received from that lender to get their contact information and obtain a loan directly.